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Transport for London

55 Broadway, London SW1H 0BD

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Transport for London was formed on 3rd July, 2000 under the Greater London Authority Act, 1999 and most functions of this government entity were inherited from London regional Transport. A local government body, it is a part of the Greater London Authority and is responsible for managing almost all activities of Greater London’s transport system. It is governed by a board, the members of which are appointed by the Mayor of London. Duties of TfL comprise management of London’s transport services as well as implementation of various transport strategies.  The head office of this public body is located at Windsor House in Westminster city.

TfL is organised into three major directorates, each with its own set of responsibilities and modes of transport. They are:

  • London underground, in charge of underground rail network of London or “Tube”. This network is further subdivided into BCV, JNP and SSR, the three service delivery units
  • London Rail constituting of London Overground, Docklands Light Railway and London Trams. It also coordinates with operators providing National Rail services in London
  • Surface transport responsible for London Buses, London River Services, London Dial-a-Ride, London Streets, Public Carriage Office, London congestion charge, Victoria Coach Station, London Road Safety Unit, Traffic Enforcement and so on  

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